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Rec List

Posted on 2020.10.06 at 19:00
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So I have a massive amount of fanfic recs that I've collected over the years and I'm thinking about condensing them all and posting them here as my project for the next few weeks.


Hello again

Posted on 2011.10.06 at 16:36
So after a very long time away I'm back. Real life has nearly killed me last little while. I'm so busy with school and work I never get to post anymore. Sigh. I'm writing again for the first time since high school and trying to get back into fandom. We'll see how that goes I guess.



Posted on 2011.04.19 at 21:52
Jeez, I kind of disappeared there for a while. I haven't written anything at all in ages, but have been consuming fan fiction at an alarming rate. I've finished tearing back through my Doctor Who and Torchwood collections recently and now I'm prowling around for a few of my faves that seem to have disappeared in addition to searching for some good new stuff to read.


Top 10 Movies Series

Posted on 2009.12.31 at 13:28
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So these are my top 10 movie series, meaning at least three movies in the series. Some are just awesome and others are awesomely bad, but everyone who knows me knows I love a good independent film or even a cheesy B movie.

These are in no particular order.

1) Kickboxer I love these movies even if the later ones are awesomely bad. I'm a huge Jean-Claude Van Damme fangirl, not to mention Sasha Mitchell in the sequels.
2) Fast and the Furious I love the actors and the cars. I didn't even mind the actor change in Tokyo Drift.
3) The Jay and Silent Bob Movies I'm not just talking about Clerks here (though I love Clerks to bits) I mean all of them including Mallrats, Chasing Amy, and Dogma.
4) The American Pies Mostly though, I love the National Lampoon like sequels Book of Love, Naked Mile, Beta House, and Band Camp.
5) The Nightmare on Elm Streets Freddy will always be my favorite slasher villain. Robert Englund did such a great job they even had a short lived TV series.
6) The Mighty Ducks Some of my childhood favorites. These are probably why I love hockey.
7) The Three Ninjas More kids movies that I love. My oldest brother got me into these as a kid and I've loved martial arts movies ever since.
8) Blade Great movies with lots of my favorite actors in them like Norman Reedus, Stephen Dorff, and Ryan Reynolds.
9) Hannibal Lecter Series Great characters played by great talents. These are intelligent, witty, and full of suspense.
10) Die Hard Bruce Willis is great in these with lots of memorable side kicks and villains. Not to mention a great catch phrase.

There were lots of others that I like just as well but only have two movies. So I think that my next post will be great films and their sequels.


Writer's Block: Black Friday Steals & Deals

Posted on 2009.11.25 at 07:44
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Black Friday is known for its deals and steals. What items are you hoping to find in the stores this Friday?

Nothing special, but it's become tradition to do Black Friday at my mom's house. I love it because it's so exciting. A few years ago I got elbowed by this old lady in the face and ended up with a black eye.

On another note I FINALLY get to go see Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day. It just came out in our theater today. I've been waiting a month for it to get here! So later I'll probably do movie reviews of it and The Blind Side which I saw the other day.


My Cousin's Birthday Was Yesterday

Posted on 2009.11.16 at 15:36
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and I'd like to provide the recipe for four very hungover cousins. It goes like this:

16 Irish Car Bombs:
3/4 pint Guinness
1/2 shot Bailey's Irish cream
1/2 shot Jameson whiskey
Add the Bailey's and Jameson to a shot glass, layering the Bailey's on the bottom. Pour the Guinness into a pint glass or beer mug 3/4 of the way full and let settle. Drop the shot glass into the Guinness and chug. If you don't drink it fast enough it will curdle and increasingly taste worse.

1 remaining bottle of Jameson

2 12-packs of Guinness

1 bottle champagne

1 Bailey's spiked cake

Liberally add a PS3 and a pool table



So I thinking I'm giving up meat again

Posted on 2009.11.12 at 12:15
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Because I've been feeling really shitty lately and it occurred to me that I really felt better when I was a vegetarian. I was less tired all the time and it really seemed that my horrible allergies were under control. I didn't mind not having meat at all. In fact the only reason that I started eating it again is because it was just too much of a pain in the ass with my family who are total carnivores. It's not an animal issue (though it makes me feel better about the poor critters). It's totally a wellness and health issue.

And I don't think it'd be that hard to take up again. I never started eating pork again except for special occasion family stuff. And I'm not much for steak or hamburger. The hardest things for me to give up are chicken, fish (sushi), and turkey. I was lacto ovo before so getting my protein was never an issue and since we have chickens again I don't have to wonder where my eggs come from. So there internet I'm really gonna do this shit. Bye bye meat.

On another note I worry that I have become addicted to water and am vaguely worried about drowning my own organs, but as long as my body says it's thirsty I guess I'll keep drinking.


I'm Back (With Less Stress)

Posted on 2009.11.09 at 11:16
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So my brother and I were making lunch and talking about how our family's food culture is really strange. And I call it food culture because it is really a part of our culture. Our food comes from our ancestor who never even had the thought of coming to America cross their mind. Our family brought these things with them when they moved to the US.

For instance while we cook we snack on cucumber chips soaked in apple cider vinegar with salt on them. We always have the stuff on hand and leave them to soak for a bit if we know we're having company. For some reason our step siblings cringe at the sight, but we love them. I'm not sure exactly where this comes from, but I never remember going to a relative's house on my mom's side and not having them.

Of course we also get the odd stuff that goes with being Dutch/Irish on that side. Like blood pudding (with real pigs blood) and something Dutch made from mashed potatoes and sauerkraut that I can't even pronounce, but we just call mash.  We also have all these Christmas candy recipes that come from grandmas so great they never left Ireland in their lives. Most of these things from "the Old Country" as my great-grandmother always said sound too disgusting to be true, but they are and we love them for some reason.

Our idea of having comfort food is to gather at someone's house and cook mash, blood sausage, and cheesy potato casserole from recipe cards that look at least 60-70 years old and eat cucumber chips while we chat. And we do that a lot. No matter how much of a pain in the ass it is to go to the butcher for pig's blood and all the odd looks we get when we buy it, we do this often. Not the entire family always, but siblings and an uncle and a cousin or two.  We eat together monthly, if not every two weeks. Some times more, every week if we can manage, but never less. And as much as I hate the drama I love this it makes me happy and feels like home no matter what house we're at. It keeps us close and makes us comfortable with each other.

Not to mention that were are the stereotype hard drinking Irish family, foul mouthed and plastered at the end of any proper family function from Christmas to the Fourth of July. In a family of functional alcoholics where tempers flare at a moments notice the food has become integral in diffusing a situation. Arguments are instantly stopped with calls of "Would you two fucking quit and check the goddamn stove before it burns?". So I leave you with my grandad's favorite bit of Gaelic "ceannóidh mé na deochanna seo don chuideachta" (pronounced kyann-oh-ee may nah djeukh-ah-nah sheuh dhun khwidj-okh-thah). It means 'I'll buy this round of drinks'.


God I want a ciggarette

Posted on 2009.11.09 at 08:15
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Don't get me wrong I think it's a gross habit and if I ever did my allergies and asthma would kill me. But there are days when I'm listless and stressed and I want nothing more than to suck down that smoke and nicotine.

This is how insane my family makes me. If I lit up I'd probably have such an awful asthma attack I'd have to go straight to the ER, but god I want one desperately. I seriously dug around my bro and SIL's house for like twenty minutes looking for one before I gave up and decided that they took them when they left.


family tree

Posted on 2009.11.07 at 20:22
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So I started this family tree project a little while back and if I'd realized that it was going to be so hard I'm not sure I would have started at all. My dad's family isn't a huge deal because I have a base that my aunt started to work with, but my mom's family is a different story. I can stand the thought of paying a site to do it for me, so I've been going through tons of old records myself, but I've hit a total brick wall. I can't find either of my grandad's parents in the Social Security Death Index, which my brother says means they didn't have Social Security Numbers (plausible as they would have been born in the very early 1900s in rural areas) or they never died (not so plausible). Not to mention that my grandma's dad is Canadian (where apparently birth certificates cost 30 bucks) and his parents were from Ireland.

So I've been going crazy working on this for weeks and my mom only thought today to tell me that my grandad has not one, but two huge books full of my grandma's family history lying around collecting dust.

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